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As public and private funding for children, families, and communities becomes more strained, leaders have a growing interest in understanding how they can maximize federal resources to support promising programs and initiatives.  That is not an easy task!  State officials often know the funding programs that flow through their agencies but have little knowledge of others that flow through other agencies.  Community leaders are often confused about which sources are federal and which are state.  Moreover, they have a difficult time gaining access to information that tells them the specific requirements of individual programs and how funds from several sources can be blended and braided successfully.  To address this urgent need, The Finance Project has developed significant resources to help leaders identify and understand how to use federal funding effectively. 

The Finance Project has published federal funding guides targeted to leaders interested in funding programs and services in specific policy and program areas, including early care and education, out-of-school time, obesity prevention, workforce development, and substance abuse and mental health.  These resources are available online and in published form.

In addition, we have developed and maintain an up-to-date, online tool that enables leaders to search for federal funding sources relevant to their specific needs.  This tool brings together information on:

  • Funding sources and their purposes
  • How these funds can be used across an array of policies, programs and services
  • Eligible recipients, partners, and beneficiaries of funding
  • The flow of funds
  • Funding history
  • Application processes and requirements
  • Links for additional information
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