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Youth exiting the foster care system face numerous obstacles in their transition to successful adulthood.  Research has documented that many of the approximately 20,000 youth who age out of foster care each year face a host of negative outcomes including homelessness, low educational achievement, and underemployment.  In response, policymakers, foundations, and communities are developing innovative strategies for supporting successful transitions to adulthood for youth aging out of foster care. 

This Information Resource Center provides links to resources on how to develop and sustain supports and services for youth transitioning out of foster care.  It is supported by the Foster Care Work Group, a group of national foundations who have come together to develop a shared vision and investments to support more successful transitions for youth aging out of foster care.  The Resource Center is organized based on the framework described in Connected By 25: A Plan for Investing in Successful Futures for Foster Youth which lays out five key strategies for supporting youth who were formerly in foster care and promoting successful transitions to adulthood.

Education ~ Academic, enrichment, and support programs

Workforce ~ Initiatives to teach job skills and provide work experience

Financial Literacy ~ Activities to acquire financial knowledge and skills

Savings and Asset Building ~ Individual Development Accounts and other savings initiatives

Entrepreneurship ~ Opportunities to create and operate a business

In addition to economic success, permanency is also a critical component for successful transitions to adulthood for youth leaving the foster care system.  This Resource Center also includes links to resources related to research, policy and practice to support the formation of lifelong connections to caring adults.

This Information Resource Center provides links to resources on research, best practice, policy and funding as well to organizations working on issues affecting youth in care.  It includes resources that specifically address youth aging out of foster care, as well as more general youth resources that can inform the development of supports for youth transitioning from care.

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