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Domestic Violence

Resources from The Finance Project
Strategies for TANF Agencies to Identify and Address Domestic Violence
by Michelle Ganow Jones, The Finance Project, December 2001

Domestic Violence as a Barrier to Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency
by Heidi Sachs, The Finance Project, December 1999

Domestic Violence Update
by S. Freed, The Finance Project, May 1998

Domestic Violence and Welfare Reform
by April Kaplan, The Finance Project, September 1997

Other Resources
Getting On, Staying On, and Getting Off Welfare: The Complexity of State-by-State Policy Choices
by Gretchen Rowe and Linda Giannarelli, The Urban Institute, July 2006
See Description

TANF: State Approaches to Screening for Domestic Violence Could Benefit from HHS Guidance, GAO-05-701
U.S. Government Acountability Office (GAO), August 2005

Depression, Substance Abuse, and Domestic Violence: Little is Known About Co-Occurance and Combined Effects on Low-Income Families
by Sharmila Lawrence, Michelle Chau, and Mary Clare Lennon, National Center for Children in Poverty, June 2004

A Vision for Eliminating Poverty and Family Violence: Transforming Child Welfare and TANF in El Paso County, Colorado
by Rutledge Q. Hutson, Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP), January 2003

CalWorks Project: TANF Families in which there are Alcohol or Other Drug, Mental Health, or Domestic Violence Issues: Child Well-Being One Year After Welfare Reform
by Daniel Chandler, Joan Meisel and Pat Jordan, California Institute for Mental Health, January 2003

Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt in Maryland: Linking Individual Outcomes to Implementation and Jurisdictional Differences
by Andrea Hetling-Wernyj and Catherine E. Born, University of Maryland School of Social Work, January 2003

Domestic Violence and Welfare Policy: Research Findings that Can Inform Policies on Marriage and Child Well-Being
by Sharmila Lawrence, Research Forum on Children, Families and the New Federalism, December 2002

CalWORKS Project: Alcohol & Other Drug, Mental Health, and Domestic Violence Issues: Effects on Employment and Welfare Tenure After One Year
by Daniel Chandler and Joan Meisel, California Institute for Mental Health, October 2002

Surviving Violence and Poverty: A Focus on the Link Between Domestic and Sexual Violence, Women's Poverty and Welfare
NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, September 2002

State Strategies for Working with Hard-to-Employ TANF Recipients
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General, July 2002
See Description

CalWORKS Project: Impact of Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health Problems and Domestic Violence and Welfare Tenure
California Institute for Mental Health, June 2002
See Description

CalWORKS Project: Multiple Risks Threaten Children of TANF Recipients with Alcohol or other Drug, Mental Health, or Domestic Violence Issues
California Institute for Mental Health, June 2002
See Description

CalWORKs Project: Mental Health, Domstic Violence and Substance Abuse: Need for and Use of Services Among Adult Female TANF Participants
California Institute for Mental Health, April 2002
See Description

Domestic Violence and Economic Well-Being Of Current and Former Welfare Recipients
by Richard M. Tolman, Sandra K. Danziger, and Daniel Rosen, Joint Center for Poverty Research (JCPR) 2001

Strategies for Addressing the Needs of Domestic Violence Victims within the TANF Program: The Experience of Seven Counties
by Martha Burt, Janine M. Zweig, and Kathryn Schlichter, Urban Institute, June 2000

Keeping Battered Women Safe Through the Welfare- to-Work Journey: How Are We Doing?
by Jody Raphael and Sheila Haennicke, Taylor Institute, September 1999
See Description

Detours on the Road to Employment: Obstacles Facing Low-Income Women
National Partnership for Women and Families 1999
See Description

Family Violence Option: An Early Assessment
by Jody Raphael and Sheila Haennicke, Taylor Institute, September 1998
See Description

Efforts by Child Welfare Agencies to Address Domestic Violence in Public Welfare
by Laudan Aron and Krista Olson, American Public Welfare Association, June 1997

Ancillary Services to Support Welfare to Work--Chapter on Domestic Violence
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
See Description

Caught at the Public Policy Crossroads: The Impact of Welfare Reform on Battered Immigrant Women
by Emily Goldfarb,
See Description

Choosing teammates: The reality of implementing a welfare-to-work program for domestic violence victims and survivors in collaboration with the welfare department
by Levin, R., Center for Impact Research, 2000,

Domestic violence in the lives of welfare recipients: Implications for the Family Violence Option
by Tolman, R. & Rosen, D. (1999), Taylor Institute

Domestic Violence Victims in Transition from Welfare to Work: Barriers to Self-Sufficiency and the W-2 Response
by Thomas Moore, Ph.D. and Vicky Selkowe, Institute for Wisconsin's Future
See Description

Domestic Violence: Prevalence and Implications for Employment Among Welfare Recipients

See Description

Domestic Violence: Telling the Untold Welfare-To-Work Story
by Taylor Institute,

Family Violence and Welfare Reform: What are the Links?
by Recommendations from the National Invitational Symposium, Ruth Brandwein, State University of New York at Stony Brook, School of Social Welfare,
See Description

Family Violence Option 1999 Report: State-by-State Summary of Domestic Violence Policies
by Jody Raphael and Sheila Haennicke, Taylor Institute

Making 'Welfare to Work' Really Work: Poor Women Are Often Battered Women

See Description

Monitoring Domestic Violence Policy and Practice in State Welfare Programs: The Role of Community-Based Groups and Providers - A How-to-Guide
by Pamela Jons,
See Description

Prisons of Abuse: Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt, A Second Report of the Women, Welfare and Abuse Project
by Jody Raphael, April 1996, Taylor Institute,

Project for Research on Welfare, Work, and Domestic Violence
University of Michigan School of Social Work
See Description

Promoting Resilience: Helping Young Children and Parents Affected by Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Depression in the Context of Welfare Reform
by Jane Knitzer, March 2000, National Center for Children in Poverty

Resources for Researchers: Collaboration in Domestic Violence/Welfare Research
by Susan McGee, 1997, Taylor Institute

Trapped by Poverty, Trapped by Abuse-- New Evidence Documenting the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Welfare

See Description

Welfare, Work, and Domestic Violence

See Description

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