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The Sustainability Planning Workbook

The Finance Project’s Sustainability Planning Workbook is the foundation for our technical assistance and training services. The Sustainability Planning Workbook helps users clarify their vision, identify key issues in sustaining their work, and develop strategies to achieve their long-term goals.  The Workbook is organized into five modules that guide users through a step-by-step process of developing a written sustainability plan:

  1. Building a Sustainable Initiative – introduces a framework for sustainability and guides users through a self-assessment process.
  2. Creating a Vision and Results Orientation – helps clarify long-term goals and establish benchmarks for measuring progress.
  3. Developing a Strategic Financing Plan – guides users in creating a plan to secure the fiscal resources needed to accomplish their long-term goals, including determining cost estimates, identifying funding gaps, and developing financing strategies.
  4. Building Community Support and Organizational Capacity – helps in identifying the range of sustainability strategies, including building broad-based community support, cultivating key champions, and developing strong internal systems to manage and govern effectively.
  5. Writing a Sustainability Plan – guides users in drafting a written plan that outlines major strategies and implementation steps in a clear and compelling way.

The Finance Project developed the Sustainability Planning Workbook based on a decade of field experience helping a wide range of organizational and initiative leaders develop effective financing and sustainability plans. The Workbook is widely used by leaders throughout the fields of human services, education, and community development.

Sustainability Planning Tools

The workbook is organized in a hands-on, easy-to-follow format that help initiative leaders identify specific resources and strategies that are needed to successfully sustain effective programs and services. Together, they make up a comprehensive process for developing a written sustainability plan.

Each of the workbook's five modules contains a variety of tools and worksheets to assist users through the planning process, complete with step-by-step instructions. These tools include:

  • A self-assessment to benchmark progress;
  • A logic model to clarify sustainability goals and measure progress toward their results;
  • Budget worksheets and financial forecasting tools to estimate the fiscal needs of an initiative over the timeframe of the sustainability plan;
  • Funding source evaluation tools to help determine what sources are most appropriate for a particular initiative;
  • An environmental scan tool to take stock of the initiative’s external environment;
  • Strategy design worksheets to help identify critical resources and consider implementation issues;
  • A sample sustainability plan that can serve as a model for an initiative’s own written plan;

The workbook comes with a CD that includes copies of all of the tools and worksheets. This helps to ensure that initiative leaders can quickly and easily complete the worksheets as well as adapt the tools as needed.

To Order the Workbook

The Workbook, which includes the Planning to Plan guide and a CD of tools and worksheets, is available for $125.  To order the Sustainability Planning Workbook, and for information on volume discounts, contact The Finance Project at 202-587-1000.

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